Tittle X E6 Micro Simulator ( iOS-E6 License Key )

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Delivery ETA = 3 Weeks



Tittle-X Micro Simulator

 Made in S.Korea 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

→ iOS Mobile & PC ONLY ←

  • The best MINI HOME GOLF SIMULATOR has E6 Connect with 4K ultra high definition and provides real screen golf experiences in various practice modes.
  • An impressive reaction rate of 0.12 sec provides no delay in data transfer and its super lightweight sensor is extremely accurate.
  • Included smart stick offers the ability to play golf at home(as a golf swing trainer), while the detachable cradle for your personal clubs is provided for use on the golf course.
  • The simulator can be connected to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Window PC. Currently, it DOES NOT SUPPORT MAC AND ANDROID AT THIS TIME.
  • Lithium Polymer charging provides 8 hours of continuous use once it is fully charged. UI/UX CLUB SELECTION operation is possible through the touch panel of the sensor.

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