Accuracy & Side Spin


When using E6 connect, the default settings do not produce much side spin; however this is easy to change within E6 by opening settings, then Simulator, and then hitting configure in the bottom right of the screen.  

  • Change Difficulty = Difficult
  • Change Sensitivity = High

This will project more realistic ball flight.  There are still limitations inherent to the technology. One of the simplifications of the algorithm is to assume that maximum velocity occurs at the actual impact of the ball. This logic means the sensor finds the maximum velocity, and references the sensors position at that point of impact. With a low handicap golfer, or a pro golfer this is almost always true. With less experienced golfers that is not always going to be the case. We hope you will see this as an opportunity to use the results to help identify and improve swing mechanics. Golfers who have a "flippy" swing, or "cast" with their wrists and hands can often generate their highest velocity slightly before impact. The same golfers can have a normal shot pattern that is either a hard draw, or if happening after impact, a hard cut with lots of backspin and sidespin. The MicroSim would then calculate the impact earlier than expected and lead to a shot projection going right, and may actually achieve maximum velocity after where impact would occur leading to shots always going left no matter how hard you try to make them go right. Often the harder you try to force a cut, the more delayed maximum velocity is and the larger the disconnect between expected and projected results.