Swing Recognition



Ensuring Correct Installation: Charging Port and Left-Handed Users

When looking down at your device, ensure the charging port is visible for correct installation. The three prongs on the cradle are designed to slide under your golf grip, preventing rotation during impact. Left-handed golfers using our SLX-MicroSim tracker may encounter a bug in E6 Connect. To address this, try taking a swing right-handed and switch the user profile dexterity. If needed, switch to the legacy TittleX Tracker by going to E6 Connect Settings -> Simulator -> select Tittle on the far right -> then hit Accept.


Connectivity Issues: SLX Home Golf Simulator & PC

Ensure your PC:

  • Runs Windows 10 or higher.
  • Is up-to-date with all drivers and graphics cards installed.
  • Has Bluetooth capabilities enabled.
  • Has the latest E6 Connect version (v1.14.1.0).
  • MicroSim firmware is updated (follow HOW TO UPDATE MICROSIM FIRMWARE).
  • MicroSim battery is checked (double-tap screen).
  • No interference from other SLX devices.

If using firewall software, grant permission for E6Golf software.

Swing Not Registering on Screen

  • The device enters "READY" when it recognizes the sensor at the address position.
  • You'll feel a vibration and hear "READY," giving 2-4 seconds to start the backswing.
  • Avoid excess movement after addressing the ball to prevent the device from entering "Reset" mode.

Device Does Not Recognize Your Swing

  • For short putts, move the backswing faster.
  • Adjust swing sensitivity in E6 Connect Settings -> Simulator -> select SwingLogic-SLX- -> hit Configure -> set sensitivity -> hit ACCEPT.