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SLX MicroSim - Home Golf MicroSimulator

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The SLX MicroSim is a low-cost of entry, sensor-based method to record and analyze your swing. This E6 Edition MicroSIM bundle also includes the ability to work with E6 Simulation software so you can play five different real courses digitally anytime... regardless of the weather. 

→Sensor installs below the grip to capture more motion for improved data quality vs. the competition. (Pat. Pending) 

→Simulator utilizes a 32bit ARM microcontroller & HD Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) that processes your swing motion into meaningful information and ball flight data incredibly quickly, resulting in a highly realistic feel during use.

What's Included

→ 3D MicroSIM Sensor with instant touch club selection arrows 

18"-28" Telescoping SwingStick "Impact Trainer" with "click" sound to simulate ball impact.

→ Accessories pouch with 4 additional real club mounts + USB charging cable.

→ 1 yr. E6 Connect License Included, $50+ retail value (PC or iOS only)

Access to SLX Connect App (Android, PC and iOS).

Say Whaaaaaat???? a 2nd App? Yes, we just released our own!


→Pair MicroSIM to SLX Connect App during your real golf round to activate the GPS Distance to Green Feature for most courses in USA

CSV exportable shot data and storage in the cloud.

Motion Activated Swing Video Capture (Beta) Tool

→One - Par Four Hole in either Practice Stroke Play Mode or Target Ring Mode

 Access to SLX Firmware Update app.
    Continuous R&D on all products with updates via the app over wireless Bluetooth          connection.

→ 30 Day Return/Refund Policy - No Hassle!