Tune up your Golf Game this Season

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Alignment MATTERS!

Our simple claim is that by using the SwingLogic EFX-1 your alignment will improve.

Setting your body up on the proper line can only strengthen your golf game and get you closer to where you want to be.

Alignment Sticks are for the Range and lessons. We invented something with the average golfer in mind you can actually take on the course... for a price everyone can afford.

Perfect for YOUTH, NEW Golfers and ALL who want to IMPROVE!

In use around the USA & S.Korea in Training Camps and PGA Lesson centers at select locations.

Fine Tune your Game TODAY!

If it doesnt help after 5 rounds let us know and we will refund your purchase no questions asked.



Is this Legal?

Well u wont be arrested if you have one by the cops or your course ranger but the simple answer is NO.

We developed this to improve peoples golf, not for competitive play.

When is the last time you recorded an official stroke -or- signed the back of an official scorecard?

Golf is a recreational activity for 90% of us.

The specific USGA rules state this product is non-conforming & this is probably why nobody has made an effort to put something like this into reality....well we think the regular girls and guys out there in this sport and especially youth can benefit greatly from its use.

Although you cannot log an official stroke with this tool, it is very user friendly and can help you on the course or range.

Over time your alignment and targeting patterns will improve and you wont need it anymore and can throw it in your bag for safekeeping.

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