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Good to keep your swing going on bad weather days. Nothing will ever be able to be 100% accurate at this price but this is dang close enough.

Adam Kern


I cannot stress how much fun I have had with this simulator. As long as you have internet connection, you are able to play golf anywhere, anytime! I work in an office environment and wanted to see what everyone would think and they love it! We have played a couple times a week at lunch to relieve some stress and enjoy ourselves.

As a golfer, I can completely see the value in the Tittle X Simulator. There are plenty of times when I can't actually get to the course.

This product allows me to golf whenever I have spare time - even at night!

So far I have:

- Practiced during day and night when I couldn't go to the course.
- Played full rounds in my spare time.
- Competed with friends to see who could go lowest at Bandon Dunes.
- Found a way to golf when I am at the office.

This device has been a fun product for everyone that has tried it. Even some of the non golfers were able to hit solid shots, which would be harder to do in real life. Gives everyone the chance to enjoy golf, without going to the golf course!

Cannot recommend this product enough.

Randi Anderson

Easy to set up and use. It is lightning fast. As soon as my ball hits my projector screen it continues on the screen as a sort of red shot tracer line. I have it connected to a laptop which is connected to a $100 projector I bought on Amazon a couple years ago. I originally bought the projector for the rapsodo r motion, but did not like the clips. This uses a rubber clip that holds a lightweight sensor which vibrates to tell you it is ready. I believe it uses very similar tech to the zepp 2 which I have had for a couple years. Zepp doesn't have a simulator, though. I may add more to tgis review. I also have a mevo and a Garmin g80 launch monitor, so I can test against them. I bought both of those and the zepp and the rapsodo on Amazon. In addition, I bought one of those white and blue swing speed radars and got it yesterday. I already had a swingmate radar. Love this stuff. This simulator shows ball flight instantly. I go to PGA Tour Superstore frequently tobuse their foresight with my mevo and Garmin g80 and the foresight system has a delay in showing the ball flight. With the rapsodo simulator, I felt like the clips were easily breakable and it just wasn't right for me. I also felt their clips were heavy compared to this rubber clip and sensor. I did not want my swing weight changed. This does not affect the feel of the club. Measurements are in yards and mph. I was wondering if they would be in meters and mph, but they were not. I am very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend this product.